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Dr. Heinz Nawratil

Born in 1937 in Zauchtel a.d. Oder (Sudetenland), he obtained his school-leaving exam in Miesbach (Upper Bavaria) and studied in Munich and Saarbrücken law and economics. His thesis was awarded the prize of the foundation of German communities fpr the promotion of municipal sciences in 1965.. After receiving his doctorate at Munich University he became a notary public.

He wrote books about aspects of the law such as "BGB leicht gemacht" (Civil Law made easy), "HGB leicht gemacht" (Commercial Law made easy) and "Strafrecht leicht gemacht" (Penal Law made easy) - the latter as a co-author. More than a million copies of these books have been sold.

Nawratil is a member of the "Society for Threatened Peoples", the number two of the human rights organisations in Germany. In connection with his human rights activities he visited Bosnia, Afghanistan and Irak.

He also wrote books on contemporary history, following Gorbachov´s plea to research into the unexplored areas of the history books.
The outcome were books like "Schwarzbuch der Vertreibung" (Black Book of Expulsion), "Der Kult mit der Schuld" (The Cult about Guilt), "Die deutschen Nachkriegsverluste" The German Post-War Losses) and - in 2011 - "Die Versöhnungsfalle" (A Trap named Reconciliation). The media response to his books was mostly positive, from the leading "Frankfurter Allgemeine", "Die Welt" and several radio stations. Nawratil wrote numerous contributions to anthologies and magazines such as "Parlament", "academia", "Junge Freiheit"; he took part in round table discussions with radio "Deutschlandfunk", Köln, and radio "RAI", Bozen; he lectured at the Protestant Academy Bad Boll, the Society for Threatened Peoples and the Contemporary History Investigation Centre Ingolstadt.
Heinz Nawratil